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    Terri Lee Ryan is an author, TV producer and speaker. She is active in the transgender community and has a popular blog, Shades of Gender, a platform on the ever-changing landscape of the transgender community. She loves the mountains and desert, where you can find her carrying around her Yorkie, Charley.
  • "Fun and fabulous! I found myself hooked from page one--and I'm a guy. I can just imagine how taken women will be with it. Informative, hilarious, and touching, this is one to put on your To Buy list."

    Thom Racina, Television Writer and Author
  • "Add to your “to do” list…read Terri Ryan’s book"

    Sherrill Bodine, author of Talk of the Town.

Terri Lee Ryan is the Executive Producer of the documentary, “I Married a Cross-Dresser,” which aired on Sky in the U.K. in fall, 2014. This documentary is about four straight men that happen to be cross-dressers and involved with a woman who is supportive, for the most part, of their cross-dressing. It provides a glimpse into the challenges for these couples and their families and gives an insight into who cross-dressers really are and their journey to be accepted by society. Her popular blog, Shades of Gender is a platform on the transgender community and the many lifestyles that define it.

Terri’s documentary, “Rori’s Party”, which focuses on the cross-dressing and transgender community, is a finalist in the New York TV Film Festival Lifetime TV competition. Her previous show “Tails in the City” was also a finalist in the non-scripted comedy division at the New York TV Film Festival, in 2012, where it was premiered in Tribeca to rave reviews.

She is the author of the popular book Life Is One Big To-Do List: A Woman’s Life after 40. This fun, witty self-help book addresses the issues woman face after forty when their hormones are diminishing faster than they can take supplements and the cellulite on the back of their legs is growing like a virus. A popular speaker, she continues to speak on this topic. The book can be found in select Barnes & Noble stores, Amazon, BN.com and numerous worldwide on-line outlets.

She has been featured and/or written articles for the Chicago Sun-Times, Desert Woman magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Frock magazine, Repartee magazine, and the Transgender Group (TG) Forum. She has made appearances on ABC-TV, WLS-AM-890, WGN-AM-720 radio and numerous radio stations across the country. Her platform topic, “Tips for Finding the Hidden Job Market” has been featured on WLS -TV Channel 7. Terri has also been a national guest on numerous blog talk radio stations and Time Warner TV. She writes blogs for Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow sites, Shades of Gender, Get Employed, and Life with a Disabled Sibling.

Life Is Just One Big To-Do List: Woman’s Life after 40 Book Title: Life Is One Big To-Do List: A Woman’s Life After 40
Written By: Terri Lee Ryan

Written with hope, candor and a biting sense of humor, Terri Lee Ryan utilizes her life experiences as a platform in, Life Is One Big To-Do List: A Woman’s Life After 40. Offering advice and solace in dealing with women’s daily to-do lists – including managing time-consuming mates, needy parents, a demoralizing divorce, job lay-offs and the aging process – she urges women to start living for themselves, not for others. Ryan shares her life and other women’s lives at an age when their hormones are diminishing faster than they can take estrogen, their career options are dwindling, and the cellulite on the backs of their legs is multiplying faster than a virus! Ryan addresses the small and the not-so-small daily challenges women encounter that make them just want to hide under the covers instead of deal with life. Fun, honest and pertinent, this is a must-read for women over forty.